Parent Consulting for Children with ADHD 

If you feel lost and frustrated about how to help your ADHD child, start with a Parent Consulting Package!

Help your ADHD child measure up with Parent CONSULTING

Help your ADHD child measure up with Parent CONSULTING

Just want your ADHD questions answered for your family? Feel like reading on Google just isn't cutting it? Individualized Parent Consultation is for you!

Gain an ally— don’t have to do it alone!

The details:

  • Three 1-hour private consultations for parents

    • Add an extra hour for more in-depth discussions

  • Schedule as needed, book online at your convenience

  • We will primarily meet on the phone or through video chat, though I also have offices in Portland and Eugene/Springfield

  • Bring in your questions and concerns about ADHD, and we’ll dive in

  • Personal access to an ADHD expert, who lives to help ADDers thrive

  • Other topics to bring up include: parenting, child development, and family technology (especially Apple)

Get an ADHD Parent Consultation Package:

Get personalized advice for your family:

+ Gaining a teammate

I'm on your side. We both have the same goal-- to see your child thrive and lower your stress. There's plenty of research showing the impact of parent stress on children. As your teammate, you can safely vent some of your frustrations to me. Then we can create a concrete plan for taking control and helping your child flourish. If we need to try something else, that's okay. I'll be here for you. We want to find what works.

+ Why trust me?

I know kid brains. I received Bachelor Degrees in both Early Childhood Development and in Psychology. My Master’s Degree was in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Brain Development Lab at the University of Oregon’s Psychology Department.

My graduate thesis was on parenting. It discussed how parents improved after participating in a parenting intervention. Our Laboratory's intervention had found previously that there was a greater impact to improve children's attention by indirectly working with parents than by directly training children's attention. In my thesis I dug deeper to explore which parent behaviors were actually improving following a modified parenting intervention.

I know ADHD brains. I was diagnosed, myself, while double majoring in Child Development and Psychology. I used every opportunity to study more about how my brain worked differently, and why. Initially, it was so I could do my best in school-- like a cheat sheet for my brain. But I became very interested in individual differences in cognitive performance, using my own, rather unique, brain as a template to understand more, faster. For graduate study, I chose to join Helen Neville's Brain Development Lab, where they specialized in the neuroplasticity of attention. I continued to take courses and select topics that would allow me to learn more about what makes my brain different.

Fun Fact I started working with children at Disneyland, where I interacted one-on-one for 4 years, observing parent child dynamics at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

For more, read about me

Need more than consultations?

If you’d like a more thorough and customized plan for your family, with ongoing accountability and refinement, parent coaching is a great option.

If you and your child are having constant power struggles, especially if they’re getting close to middle school age, they might be ready for coaching themselves.

In any case, starting with Parent Consulting might be a good way establish your goals and get started. If you’d prefer to discuss the other options first, you may contact me to chat about your child.